A classic Pilsner-style lager with a pinch of Irish divilment.

Our original Irish Pilsner is naturally-brewed, perfectly balanced, and with small-batch quality.



Finest quality Bohemian Pilsner and Vienna malts, sustainably grown in the EU.


Triple-hopped using Saaz, Tradition, and Cascade, for that distinctive Mont® character.


Pure, Irish spring water. We’re famous of it. Perfect softness for bottom-fermenting lager.


The magic can’t happen without it, so we only use a special strain of yeast.


Born in the Wicklow Mountains. Brewed in the Boyne Valley.*


Being a 100% independent microbrewery that maintains its quality, consistency, and integrity, is very important to us. So, whilst we upgrade our own Mont Brewery into a state-of-the-art boutique brewery & taproom at Kilbride Manor, our friends at Boyne Brewhouse in the Boyne Valley are temporariliy brewing Mont® Irish Pilsner under contract for us, with their impressive Kaspar-Schulz brewhouse system.

The Mont brewing team are still involved in every batch, and with our original brewer Richard Hamilton now head brewer at Boyne, our quality, consistency, and integrity is still in great hands!