How It All Began...

The Manor Brewing Company was founded in the heatwave summer of 2013 in a bell tower on the grounds of co-founders Amaya Cully's family home, an old manor house set on 42 acres and part of Hidden Ireland. The Bell Tower is an early 19th century granite grain store, that centuries ago was used to dry local barley crops to supply Guinness's malt house down in Dublin. It's just a mere stone's throw from the source of the iconic Liffey River, and infamous Sallygap mountain pass. Today, having recently converted the Bell Tower into Ireland's highest craft brewery, we brew all our beers using our own source of pure Irish mountain water from an artesian spring-well piped directly up into our brew house from under the Wicklow Mountains. Luckily for us, on that hot summer's day back in 2013, we discovered our water has a pH softness & purity that is perfect for brewing beers of true character and distinction.

And so, Irish Mountain Beer was born.


We are proudly a 100% independent, family-run, specialist lager brewery, based in the 'Bell Tower' at Kilbride Manor, located on the Wicklow Mountain National Park's infamous Sallygap Road. Famed as 'Ireland's highest brewery' (albeit a mere 1000ft above sea-level!), our unique granite-walled brewhouse (built in 1832) allows us to follow traditional lagering techniques; as well as brew innovative and disruptive beers for the modern beer drinker.

Our flagship beer MONT™  is a super-premium Pilsner-style lager beer of taste & distinction. We also recently launched very small batch 'limited edition' beers & ales under our MANOR Brewer Series range; which are only sold from our taproom and at our own festival bars.

Based just a stone's throw from the Wicklow mountain source of Ireland's iconic Liffey River, all our beers carry our unique 'Irish Mountain Beer' provenance trademark. We're also members of Beer Ireland.


Our mission is to 'Make. Lager. Interesting'. Why? Because we too aren't happy with what the big beer corporations have done with our favourite amber nectar. They're all using clichéd lager references like 'crisp' and 'clean' and 'refreshing'. It's got so bad that some people now think 'lager' is a dirty word. We don't blame them!

But fear not. Guided by our own beer philosophy, and endorsed by the fact 'Pilsner' is still the world's most prevalent style of beer, we have so far resisted the temptation to become a jack of all trades, to focus on delivering Ireland's best Pilsner, for that perfect moment of lager beer enjoyment.

So, that's why we only have one beer. MONT Irish Mountain Beer. A big character for those little moments. #momentsofMont.

It's a lager thing.

Manor Brewery founders, Michael & Amaya, tell their unique story as part of our early crowdfunding campaign in 2015/16: