Irish Craft Beer & Cider Festival
to Aug 29

Irish Craft Beer & Cider Festival

Manor Brewing Company will be attending the 5th Annual Irish Craft Beer Festival in the RDS this month. We'll be on stand 'B' at the end of the hall, nestled between our pioneering friends at 8 Degrees Brewing (Scott is a fellow Kiwi expat, just like our head boy Michael), and White Hag, who are relative new comers too, but (like us) have big ambitions and aren't afraid to be different. It will be some craic in our corner of the RDS!

We will be serving 3 of our beers: all MONT, and all Irish. Mountain. Beer. 

If you are in the RDS, you should be able to easily spot us next to the big beer tank down the back of the bus, along with the guitar, smell of BBQ, and the sing-along. 

Just make sure you come say 'gidday'.

#Mont #IrishMountainBeer


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