Wingmen have existed since the beginning of time. Think God & Jesus. Caan & Abel. Thelma & Louise. You get the point.

So, when our founder, Mike was at university in a small town (a long time ago), having a wingman was a neccessity, especially if you wanted to get away with some of the antics uni-students got up to back then.

Whenever his mates got together, made hotel bookings for holidays and rugby tours, or ran up a tab at the local TexMex or cocktail bar, it was always 'Errol Mont' that was put down on the reservation. That way, if any divilment was to be had, it would be himself they would come looking for! He became so legendary that some venues refuse to even take his booking!

You see Errol Mont never really existed, yet he exists in all of us. So armed with a collective spirit, larger than life confidence, and charming boldness, 'Errol Mont' was the reason we did things that we wouldn't normally bring ourselves to do. 'He' taught us the golden rule was to 'live life on the edge, but never cross the line'. And so, Errol Mont, legendary wingman, became the non de plume for all those that wish to who grab life by the neck, and the embodiment of the 'divilment in all of us'.

Today, its 'Mont' that the bars, hotels, and restaurants are still looking for, but in a different way. Luckily for them we've managed to captured his essence in our beer, so we can all still enjoy his endearing character and infinite charm and daring.


Who's your 'Errol Mont' ...send us a photo that captures him or her, and we'll post it on the 'Errol Mont Wall of Fame' right here: